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It’s that time of the school year where boys and girls get together and go to PROM. Girls also get the chance to ask a guy to MORP (prom backwards) which allows them to pay for all the expenses. Yippy! It’s always nice to ask your significant other in a cute/creative way, and that’s where I come in. The following are ideas on how to ask your date to one of these type of events.


  1. Spread candy all over his/her room. Then create a poster that you can lay on there floor or bed saying, “Can I sweet talk my way into to going to MORP/PROM with you?”
  2. Write their name on a sidewalk along with the invitation to MORP/PROM. Then ask if they would like to take a walk to a park or something making sure to walk them on that sidewalk. If they aren’t up for walking,  just leave it to the street guys to clean it off and pick another idea.
  3. Go buy a package of mountain dew and by it have a sign saying, “Dew me a favor and go to MORP/PROM with me?”
  4. Get a tackle box and fill it with different kinds of gummy worms, gold fish, and other nonliving eatable aquatic animals. Then put a poster next to the box saying, “I’m fishing for a date for MORP/PROM, will you be my big catch?”
  5. Put a whole bunch of balloons in his/her room and stick a note inside one of them asking them to MORP/PROM. Then give them a pin needle and have them pop every single balloon until they find the message. Make sure you make it tricky for them to find the last balloon.

There are tons of ideas to do for MORP/PROM it’s up to you to be creative and have the guts to do something bug that will assure you a date. :)

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